About Us

Terminal Euphoria Productions is an American based adult film company located in New York City. We began producing fetish clips in 2008 based on the concept of portraying the images one would scroll through in your head while fantasizing about erotic activities, in other words masturbating. Capturing the essence of the visual aspect of a given kink, the core trigger that fuels arousal across a wide range of fetishes. Initially focusing on FINGER NAIL FETISH, and intense CBT, we currently include; TICKLING, SENSUAL TICKLING, FOOT TICKLING, THROAT FETISH, HAND OVER MOUTH, MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION, FEMALE DOMINATION, BALL BUSTING, TRAMPLING, PUPPY PLAY, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, ELECTRIC PLAY, SMOKING, HUMAN ASHTRAY, ENEMA, LESBIAN DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, POV, CANING, FLOGGING, WHIPPING, NURSE PLAY, BOOT FETISH, FOOT DOMINATION, FOOT HUMILIATION, FOOT WORSHIP, and BDSM. Strict attention to detail both in the production and editing phase ensures high quality clips. All of the participants are genuine kinksters who throughly enjoy filming their individual fetishes. The strong and beautiful women are a mix of lifestyle and professional Dominatrixes, many of whom are well known in the industry. Our videos have been featured at NYCʼs infamous SMack, Byte and Stimulate fetish parties. Videos are available for download at;

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